My Top 5 Singles of 2016

Singles don’t get enough credit at the end of the year. Being able to make or break the hype for an upcoming album, restore ones interest in a band between albums and serve up a bite size slice of material for listeners. It is time they got some recognition! Here are my top 5 singles of 2016!

I have decided to only include singles that are stand alone songs or from an album that is set to release next year.

5) Lullaby by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

I have been a fan of Frank Carter for some time. I was blown away by his vocals in hardcore/punk band Gallows. I was pleasantly surprised by his calmer, fantastic singing in Pure Love and my love has been revived by his return to punk with The Rattlesnakes. Hell I would have ranked their debut album Blossom pretty high in my top 10 albums of 2015 if I had made one. Lullaby was one of three songs released by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes this year and it was pretty damn hard to pick my favourite. However the slightly more experimental Lullaby came out on top. It is definitely adds a range to the material that the band is producing but that is not necessarily a bad thing. With lyrics based on singing a lullaby to his daughter it definitely shows a calmer side of Frank. Don’t worry though, I bet that anger will make an appearance on their next album Modern Ruin.

4) Civil Isolation by While She Sleeps

When these guys broke away from their record label I was excited. While She Sleeps doing what they want, yes please! Civil Isolation was the first single that the boys released this year from upcoming album, You Are We. It was slightly more melodic than their previous offerings, with front man Lawrence Taylor belting out on point lyrics with more of a hardcore shout than a metal scream.  But the riffs were catchy, heavy and the drums were chock full of fills. A breakdown that is more heavy riffage than an all out mosh awaits listeners half way through the song. All in all Civil Isolation screams While She Sleeps, it was metalcore gold from start to finish.

3) Blood by Dropkick Murphys

If you want Blood, then Dropkick Murphys will give you some with this Celtic punk anthem. I was singing this song for days to come. The simple but catchy nature proves it isn’t all about over the top riffs, complex time signatures and tempos. Sometimes it is best just to stick with making passionate, heartfelt music. Blood is an example of why punk and traditional Irish music gel together so well. Pipes, gang vocals and a fist pumping chord progression are all these Bostonians need to get you singing.

(Full Review Here: My Review of Blood by Dropkick Murphys)

2) The House Always Wins by Stray From The Path

A political and socially aware hardcore band producing a modern day protest song? Damn get The House Always Wins on the list. Stray From The Path have brought their Rage Against The Machine tinted hardcore down on listeners once again. The sound doesn’t divert much from that of Subliminal Criminals but that is far from a down side. The House Always Wins is aggressively bouncy, heavy as sin and pulses with scorn. A hardcore hit for sure.

(Full Review Here: My Review of The House Always Wins by Stray From The Path)

1) Hoodwinker by Enter Shikari

What did you think, that this song wouldn’t feature on this list? What do you take me for a fool? Cheeky fuckers. If these guys had released an album or EP this year you’d be damn sure to find it on one of my top list of 2016. Instead we were graced with this cracking song. Returning to a heavier sound than that of Redshift the band continues to produce sublime music that has no regards for the confines of genre troupes. Hoodwinker is just another  song in their back catalogue that is simply epic. Musical ecstasy.

(Full Review Here: My Review of Hoodwinker by Enter Shikari)



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