Album Review: RULES by First Blood

First Blood have their first new record in seven years dropping this Friday. The band signed to Pure Noise Records last year and join the likes of Knocked Loose and Stick To Your Guns who have both released incredible material since joining the label. Will First Blood continue this hard hitting legacy? Well the band has been streaming their upcoming album, RULES, over on Lambgoat so let’s find out. Clear some space, things are going to get moshing.

The album certainly shows it’s hand right from the start. Fuck The Rules is a short song that demonstrates the bands thirst for heavy riffs, chanting vocals and a driving beat that surges throughout the album. The lyrics are a little hit and miss for this song. The main gang vocals repeating ‘fuck the rules’ are catchy for sure, but a little bit too far down on the trying to be edge path for me. However this is soon punched out by These Are The Rules and the rest of the album.

First Blood come in hard with brick shattering riffage, they are on the next level of hardness. It is like Fight Club in musical form. There may be a lack of over laying melodies or even the use of spotlight hogging leads, but this works well. The band feels like a well oiled machine with every member blending together to give you straight forward, adrenaline pumping music. Rules Of Life just goes galloping off without so much as introduction. An eruption followed by almost three minutes of rhythmical drum beats, chugging guitars and pulsing vocals.

Oh RULES also plays on my heart strings with its use of breakdowns. You’ll be sure to find a plentiful supply of breakdowns with nearly every song featuring a truly crushing break. Yes, this can be tiring (on your body as well as your ears, if like me you get far too into the music) but by the time Rules Of Government comes round you’ll be ready to throw down again.

The concept like nature of RULES hits its mark again and again. Every song stems from the over arching theme of, you guessed it, rules. It brings the album together with a focus on social and political disgust. Rules Are Meant To Be Broken and Rules of Engagement are filled with so many glorious swipes at the state of the modern world, that is hard not to get chanting along. There are some serious Terror vibes to be found, as the use of repetition and gang vocals gives off a sense of unity. You know the style. That style that so many cracking hardcore bands have master and First Blood are certainly fit to join their ranks.

Looks like Pure Noise Records have another beasty band amongst their roster. RULES is straight up honest hardcore. Nothing more nothing less. First Blood have kept things simple yet full of force with a strong back bone that doesn’t falter much. It is definitely worth a listen to if you like your music full of aggression or if you due a heavy arse gym workout.

Score: 8/10



    1. Thanks for reading 😀 I have to say from their latest record, Rules of Engagement or These are the Rules are my favourite. Overall I’d say check out Confront and Enslaved are fantastic song. Would highly recomend checking out the album Silence Is Betrayal well worth a listen.

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