Top 10 Architects Lyrics

I have already mention before but you’ll be damn sure I am going to say it again. Architects are one of the best bands knocking about. Nearly everything about their sound is on point and the band just seems to evolve with every album ever released. I have already talked about what I think of their riffage so this time, I’ll be raining light down upon their impeccable lyrics. Seriously these guys have some of the most passionate, thought provoking and protest driving songs around. So here it is my Top 10 Architects Lyrics!

10) Castles In The Air – ‘I said “enough is enough” Well I guess I lied’

If you’re a creative type you may have been here before. Days when you just think fuck it, I’m going to lay down and give up.  When the anxiety kicks in and weight on your shoulders becomes too much. This lyric captures that feeling perfectly. It is the fight to continue doing what you love doing, cause God knows most people have lied to themselves about calling it quits.

9) Nihilist – ‘This is the great esoteric depression. We sold our souls but couldn’t buy salvation.’

Taken from the opening track off their latest album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. It was a tossup between the this or the repetition of ‘All our Gods have abandoned us’  but ultimately that last line killed it for me. ‘We sold our souls but couldn’t buy salvation’ just sums up some people in the modern world. In this era of depression people think indulging in consumerism and religion is the way to happiness, unfortunately you can’t barter your way to happiness or salvation.

8) Colony Collapse – ‘They said the ocean’s on fire, Say it isn’t true. Say it isn’t true’

Colony Collapse is all about the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan that almost lost all of its reactors after the tsunami back in 2011. The lyrics in question refers to the lack of media coverage about the situation and has a real Chinese whisper feel to it, almost like it was a rumour that made its way into circulation. The repetition of say it isn’t true’ begs for the facts to be just fiction, something people heard on the grapevine and not the reality of the disaster.

7) Follow The Water – ‘I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to get out of this routine
But it’s holding so tight’

Bit of nostalgia here… Architects third album Hollow Crown is more about everyday goings on and less about tackling the global problems that have featured heavily on their last couple of albums. We’ve all been here stuck in a awful routine. It wears you down, drains you of all your spirit and crushes your soul. That inescapable feeling of the same stuff day after day. Once it has it’s grasp on you ,that’s it. You’re stuck in a rut.

6) Broken Cross – ‘God only knows why we were born to burn’

There are many anti-religious songs out there that just carpet bomb everyone, unable to distinguish the difference between religion and faith. Broken Cross is different however. It is close to my views that everyone has a right to believe what they want, but when that belief starts harming other s then religion can just fuck off. Like right off. It attacks the more archaic nature of religion, the discrimination, hate etc whilst leaving peoples spiritual beliefs intact. ‘God only knows why we were born to burn’ are the opening lyrics and are spat out with scorn and ferocity that their repetition throughout Broken Cross really gets you invested in the song.

5) Alpha Omega – ‘Another division to tear us apart. Try to fill that hole inside your heart’

Another anti-religious anthem from Architects. Similar to Broken Cross it isn’t necessarily bashing on faith but organised religion. Once again it is all about those people who use religion as a way to define and segregate people or cause tension and of course violence. These religions don’t unite us only pit human against human, even though their all using religion as a means ‘to fill that hole’ to find a purpose or realisation.

4) Black Blood – ‘Black drought, word will spread of the time we found what the Earth bled’

Architects have always been a band that has fought for the environment and point at humanities poor treatment of the Earth. Black Blood really makes you look at the worlds lust for oil. That lovely black sludge has bred more greed and corruption than a Columbian drug ring. ‘Black drought’ is of course a direct reference to the fact that oil is running out and the rest of the line is all about the need to squeeze every last drop of oil out for profit. The image of the Earth being bled is 100% Architects, showing off what the band can bring to the table. A fantastic line from a fantastic song.

3) Gone With The Wind – ‘You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all?’

One of the most heart wrenching lyrics in Architects back catalogue. Written by the late guitarist, Tom Searle during his battle with cancer it was obviously a very personal song that is close to the bands heart. Even though some of the song is screamed in classic Carter style there are a few lyrics that are softly echoed and really hit hard. You can hear the passion seeping from every word. A fantastic song in every aspect but this line really stood out for me. In the depths of losing his faith, he also had to deal with depression. ‘You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all?’ really makes the listener think about how deep into depression you can fall.

2) A Match Made In Heaven – ‘We found your fingerprints all over the trigger
If you’re looking for tyrants, take a look in the mirror’

Architects just love to shame those leaders of the so called free world.  The western politicians who seek out the big bad wolves of the world are often just as corrupt as the tyrants they love to condemn. ‘We found your fingerprints all over the trigger’ links in with the previous line ‘You are rotten to the core’ referring to the rampant corruption, crimes and questionable acts that politicians and leaders have been caught doing. For me the ‘take a look in the mirror’ line makes this lyric as it comes across as huge put down from front man Sam Carter, especially when it is followed by one of his signature bleghs.

1) Gravedigger… As in the whole song…

I couldn’t decide. I just couldn’t. So you know what? I’m going to just put the entire song here. There are just too many epic lyrics in Gravedigger, from ‘The blind lead the blind, so we bomb for peace’ to ‘We’ve given the vampires the keys to the blood bank’. Not only is this one of the best anti-war songs in modern music, but it is also one of the best written songs around. Architects have basically created Gravedigger as a platform to protest the failed promises of democracy. Voted for change? Well jokes on you, we aren’t going to be seeing any of that promised change anytime soon. I just love every line of this song as it hits it’s mark again and again. Oh and the sheer number of bleghs is palpable!

This was one of the hardest Top Lists I have ever had to make. Architects have hundreds of great lyrics and to narrow it down to just ten was tough. So if I have missed any off why not comment your favourite lyrics below.


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