Album Review: Torment by Six Feet Under

Ain’t no cleans to be found here! The new Six Feet Under is cookie monster from start to finish! The bands twelfth album is the first to feature ex Brain Drill, Vile, The Faceless and Vital Remains drummer Marco Pitruzzella and is classically death metal to its core!

It is neck wrenching from the get go. Sacrificial Kill has some brutish groove right off the bat whilst vocalist Chris Barnes barks out animalistic grunts in quick succession. My advice is to just admit defeat at this point and buy a neck brace then return to for the rest of the album as it will have you be wind milling, head banging and throthing from the mouth. If you survived the opening track you’ll be greeted, or more like hit, with Exploratory Homicide. A song that pounds listeners with an assault of blast beat drumming and a frantic bass bridge. These bass lines are thick and twangy throughout the album and are really in your face. There is no hiding it here. Actually the entire musicianship is fantastic. Jeff Hughell has done a masterful job at crafting riffs that know when to go from slow palm muted brutality to speedy gallops. The guitars can go from running  wild in The Separation of Flesh from Bones to following the groaning vocals during Knife Through Skull. It creates a pace to the album that knows when to blow your mind with speed and when to rip you head from your spine with groove.

The production on Torment really helps the album out. It is so well done that nearly every riff is deep and heavy. The only downside is Barnes vocals get eclipsed sometimes leading them to be swallowed up by the instruments. However I sort of like this. Due to the nature of his deep grunty voice it makes me feel like Mr Barnes is somewhere out of ear shot just yelling at me from across the street or from behind my door.

 Torment makes me miss having long hair as you’ll bound to be head banging song after song. It is stuffed full of killer riffs, beastly vocals and a production that brings the heaviest aspects to smash you square in the face. If you love death metal and find the more modern era a bit too ‘core’ or ‘slammy’ then you’ll probably get a kick out of this album. Six Feet Under and Chris Barnes have brought their legacy back into the limelight with this goregasmic album!

Score: 8/10


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