Album Review: Nightmare Logic by Power Trip

In your face riffs? Check. Socially and politically charged lyrics? Check. Pulsating drumming? Check. Well that concludes it, Nightmare Logic by Power Trip is going to be a fine example of crossover thrash at its best.

Blending the worlds of thrash metal, hardcore and punk is no easy task but by the end of the opening couple of tracks you’ll get the feeling Power Trip know exactly what they are doing. The tension is high from the get go with Soul Sacrifice relying on a head bobbing progression that erupts into an assault of chugged guitars and rapid fire drumming. I was fully invested from this moment forward. Executioner’s Tax – Swing of the Axe has a strong rhythm to it allowing the vocals to be the driving force. Each lyric is spat out with the aggression and conviction to hold their own until the next barrage of instrumentation is unloaded. The titular track opens like a heavy punk song. Dive bombing guitar whammies are squealed over bouncing drums before chucking you into a neck ripping riff. The odd little lick and fill stops the main riff from getting stale and bridges the structure nicely for maximum moshing potential.

This is where Power Trip have hit the nail on the head. Some individual songs lean like a trees in a vicious gale towards a certain sound. Firing Squad sounds like an old 80s thrash anthem with incredibly speedy drumming whilst Ruination has the traits of pit making hardcore. While most songs contain the elements of a crossover sound, it is these occasionally tracks that mix it up a bit which kept me eager for the next  track to start. By the time If Not For Us Then Who and Crucifixation came round I was ready to throw down yet again the moment the no nonsense music started up.

Crossover thrash is one of those genres that’s hard to pull off and master.  The whole palm muted gallops, fast percussive beats and aggressive vocals can get boring real quick if you just go into it blindly. However Nightmare Logic managed to keep me moshing till the very end. Power Trip have managed to create an album full of songs that have the same soul but different beating hearts.

Score: 8.5/10


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