Album Review: Gnash Rambler by Gnash Rambler

What’s that I hear you say? Punks dead? Punk may not be as prominent as it once was but it is far from biting the dust just yet, especially when bands like Gnash Rambler come charging onto the scene. Their latest self tiled album is a modern reimagining of the genre that many consider dead and buried.

The first thing you’ll notice is the familiar sounds of rapid guitar progressions and drumming that comes with the territory. However No One Gives A… quickly evolves into something more. The vocals are boarding on old school hardcore but there is raw bounce that is brought on by the bass. It grooves other the guitars like it has a mind of its own. A fantastic opening and things just look up from here.  

Gnash Rambler is an album that knows exactly how to set the pace. Dues and Don’ts continues the high octane nature of the opening track before the likes of Bad Karma and Buick Spyder Beyond Our Means show you the more structured side of the band. These songs take a lighter more pop feel to them with their groovy melodies, laid back drumming and memorable riffs. Blues For Boogie is another notable track that diverts from what I was expecting. As it name suggests it is heavy on the blues with a solemn acoustic intro that leads listeners further into the harmonica laden head bob fest. These little detours litter the album and kept me coming back to the album again and again.

There is a sense of fun throughout the album. Even though song subjects  and themes may be serious, songs like I’m Het shows the band isn’t above having some fun. It’s lyrics are brilliantly written and sung, while the music makes me want to grab a skateboard with its Tony Hawke Pro Skater vibes. The album ends the way it starts, it has gone full circle if you will, with the return of that driving force that ignites the album.  Every inch of my body had the urge to move along witht the music till the very end.

Gnash Rambler have captured the spirit of times past. Gnarly guitar riffs, classic rock solos, captivating drumming and catchy vocals all make for an album that is worth countless playthroughs. It is hard to find a band of this calibre in the modern music scene. Gnash Rambler are less about following trends and more about setting them using every influences in their arsenal to craft a fantastic album.

Score: 8.5/10


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