Album Review: The Great Collapse by Fit For An Autopsy

After their cracking previous album, Absolute Hope Absolute Hell, Fit For An Autopsy got straight back into the game with their latest album. The ten tonne offering that is The Great Collapse lays everything the band is about on the table for all to hear.

You know the album is going to be heavy when Hydra opens with piercing feedback followed by the oh so reliable combination of tension building drums and huge vocals. This gets you well and truly pumped for the songs that are to follow. There is a message to be told in The Great Collapse and Fit For An Autopsy will blast it deep into your skull with Heads Will Hang and Black Mammoth having protest driven backbones . If you can listen to Black Mammoth and not get relied up by the plight of the native Americans in Standing Rock then I applaud you. The chorus chants of ‘Rejoice in masses. The tribe collapses.’ are as powerful as the pounding chugs and drums that back it up. The likes of Terraform also throw some delicious guitar solos into the mix. It is a swift detour for sure but does break up the fist throwing groove that makes up the meat of the album.

The Great Collapse keeps things seething with aggression song after song. Riff after riff. You won’t be left thinking ‘oh god, here comes some more chugs’, you’ll be thinking ‘oh shitting hell, more chugging are heading my way, better fucking brace for impact!’. The music blows you out of your seat. If you aren’t ready for the sheer heaviness of songs like Iron Moon you’ll lose your head in an instant. But don’t worry Fit For An Autopsy will be sure to parade around with your skull on a stick for the remainder of the album. It shows no remorse and is bloody relentless. There are some moments of melodic calmness but they just lull you into a false sense of safety before bam! Another breakdown to the face. You have been warned.

Fit For An Autopsy are an essential band in the modern death metal and deathcore scene. Mixing the innovation and outbursts of tech death with the fist clenching tone of deathcore, the band have captured a sound that will appeal to all most every fan of extreme music. Go give it a listen and rejoice in the knowledge that you’ll have your head torn from your spine, in the most glorious way possible with pouting riffs, anvil heavy breakdowns and revolution inspiring vocals.

Score:  8.5/10


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