Album Review: In Dark Places by Brutality Will Prevail

I’m always up for a bit of genre blurring. Whether bands are southern rocking it up or sludging down. It seems recently hardcore has been making the most of the massive arsenal of influences out there. Walsh hardcore band Brutality Will Prevail have gone one step darker with the upcoming release of In Dark Places which lands tomorrow. Let’s put on our black hooded robes because things are about to get doomy… and hard as all hell.

The moment the album opens with Serpent you’ll notice this isn’t going to be a sunny walk in the park. The rhythmical bass, slow and steady drums build up over feedback and a single guitar strike. You’d be mistaken for thinking it was building up to a sloth like breakdown but instead you are thrown into a neck jerking riff backed up by some vicious vocals. The song quickly descends into a classic two step rhythm which would be nothing out of the ordinary if not for the deep nasty tone of the instruments. And yes nasty is exactly what you want here.

The entire sound of In Dark Places is pretty much good old honest hardcore with a huge shot of sinister injected straight into it’s still beating heart.  You’ll be chugged through the assaulting riffs of Perpetual Low and Penitence which show Brutality Will Prevail still know how to smash out arm flailing breakdowns . However, it is songs like Heretic that really just steal the show. The opening few seconds had me shouting ‘oh hell yeah’ to myself. I’m talking proper filthy riffs. Ones that will have you shaking your head and squinting through the filth. It is downright heavy.

It isn’t all crushing heaviness. There are plenty of doom and gloom moments that dial down the face melting, wall punching aggression. Nybbas is essentially the music equivalent of a grey rainy day.  It is a moment of calm depression that allows you to sit back and reflex. Towards the end of the album Into The Gloom eerily creeps on to the scene. It’s simplistic beat and offset vocals are lulling yet unsettling. The song could drifted you off to sleep but good knows what sort of dreams (or nightmares) you’d be haunted with.

In Dark Places is one hell of an album. Brutality Will Prevail have gone all out to revive the sound of their roots with some incredibly dark undertones submerged below the surface. An onslaught of skull shattering breakdowns, catchy hardcore progressions, chunky riffs and a truly sinful atmosphere await anyone who wants their head blown off with a darkened take on modern hardcore.

Score: 9/10


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