Album Review: Bloodlust by Body Count

What’s that? Rapper Ice T is in a metal band? Yeah and he has been for over 20 years now, come on people keep up with the program! Body Count is in the house once again. Bloodlust is the bands sixth studio album and ,oh boy, they’re pissed off..

Body Count hits a huge number of marks in riff department. Ernie C and Jaun Of The Dead bring the speed of thrash, the tone of nu metal and a dash of punk intensity to their riffs. The Ski Mask Way is simple but so effective that you’ll be head banging and grooving through the entire 3 and half minutes. Oh and the bridge half way through the song is pure knuckle pounding heaviness. A heavily chocked riff that descends into a two step beat. It is neck destroying and so very, very heavy. Don’t worry these guys aren’t afraid to fire of some squally, sweeping solos as well. Opening track Civil War blast out a solo that would make any metal guitarist go ‘Damn, that was impressive’.

It isn’t all 100% heavy. You get plenty of melodic build up in God, Please Believe Me which just uses beats of drummer Ill Will to create some tension before Walk With Me is unleashed. A song that is essentially a vicious assault of speed, aggression and the blood curdling vocals of Lamb of God front man, Randy Blythe. That man has some seriously unique vocals. Here I Go is a doom laden track . A dark, slow creeping song. It is almost as though the music is just a eerie backing for Ice T to read us a very disturbing bed time story.

Bloodlust ,like most of the Body Count back catalogue, is heavy on the social/political themes. You have your racism, police brutality and even classism all being addressed. The band wants to make a point with the album and you know I’m all about music that sends a strong message. No Lives Matter and Black Hoodie are seething in anger towards the rich and the police. As Ice T puts it ‘they don’t really give a fuck about anybody’ whish is a sentiment we can all get behind to a certain extent.

Ice T does a fantastic job with the lyrics. Yeah they not be in depth looks into the human psyche, but it certainly hits you hard. This Is Why We Ride is a classic hardcore rap anthem, telling Ice Ts story with some seriously groovy riffs bridging each section together. Two aspects of music that on paper rarely go well together have just blended so well here. I especially like some of the narrations he delivers at the start of No Lives Matter and Raining in Blood / Postmortem 2017. They are like little insides into what the band has gone through to create this album and the albums before it.

There are also a cascade of guest spots. I have already Randy Blythe but Max Cavalera and Dave Mustaine also feature on the album. The contribution of such big metal icons just shows you how influential the band has become. This isn’t just a gimmicky rap metal band. The band have become a big part of the scene. No matter what people say, they have just as much a right to be here as any other band.

Body Count have a very particular and distinct sound. If you aren’t a fan of rap or that style of vocals you aren’t going to enjoy the album. Hell, it took me several attempts to get into their previous album, Manslaughter. It is very in your face. The riffs are gripping, vocals are spat with scorn and the amount of passion that has gone into Bloodlust is immense. Body Count are sending a message and they’ll play their music loud and proud until you listen. So I suggest you damn well listen.

Score: 8/10


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