Album Review: Binge & Purgatory by Deez Nuts

Has the Australian hardcore act Deez Nuts grown out of the party lifestyle? Renowned for blasting out songs about the drink, drugs and all that jazz in the early days. To evolving into your classic family and friend uniting hardcore in Word is Bond. But it seems the band is looking inward with their newest release, Binge & Purgatory.

The album didn’t take long to drag me in. The introductory combo builder of Binge and Purgatory brings back the unwavering sound of Deez Nuts. I was waiting for the big drop in the opening instrumental but it never came… Not until Purgatory. The heavy palm muted chugs and huge chords from guitarist Matt Rogers build the perfect platform for  vocalist JJ Peters to sing from.

Vocals are always a big part of Deez Nuts and JJ Peters doesn’t disappoint. His hip hop and rap influenced style has always been a nice change from the sea of shouting in the scene. Peters uses the beat of the music to spit out lyrics in an aggressive spoken word format instead of your usual shouts of anger. Deez Nuts never ride solo on the vocal front.  Commas & Zeroes echoes what would transpire at a live show with gang vocals jumping in to trade off with Peters. This style has always been close to the heart of their sound. It is a simple addition that has so much impact. It cements the catchiness of the vocals with the bands huge riffage and when it hits you’ll be singing along in no time.

Binge & Purgatory isn’t hogged by just the vocals. When Deez Nuts want to riff you face off they will. Break Out is driven by the guitar, bass and drums. It is heavy on NYHC tones with burst of speeds being linking together before a breakneck tempo switch towards the end. Something I will always praise these guys for is the use of the bass. Discord brings the chunky tones of Sean Kennedy down on listeners. They are some serious bass face tones. Combine these with rhythmical beats of drummer Alex Salinger and you get some peak stretching build up. The culmination of music comes from For What It’s Worth. Every band member weaves in and out of each other so every instrument and lyric comes through strong.

Deez Nuts will have your attention till the bitter end. Whenever I felt I was losing interest a song like Carried by Six comes along and breaks things up with a short, 32 second blast of intense music. The album pulls you back in with every song. Oh and with every leg snapping, earth moving breakdown that is thrown your way.  There are plenty of mosh inducing breakdowns scattered throughout the album. So Binge & Purgatory earns extra brownie points from me. Cakewalk is an example of how the band will bring the roof down on your head with a teeth gritting, fist clenching thump.

Binge & Purgatory has certainly grown on me. As much as do miss the odd track like Shot After Shot and Band of Brothers to get me in the drinking mood, the album still has that same old Deez Nuts sound we know and love. Big riffs, even bigger breakdowns and a massive attitude but this time with a retrospective reflection on their previous work. I’ll miss those beer chugging vibes for sure but will happily welcome in this era with open arms.

Score: 8.5/10


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