Album Review: Young Gods by Martyr Defiled

Hold on to your hats people cos Lincoln based deathcore/hardcore band Martyr Defiled are about to drive a dump truck straight through your head. It has been a while since the band has given us some new material to blast out but their latest album, Young Gods, is something incredible. The three year wait was definitely worth it as the end product is refined, tailored and extremely powerful.

Young Gods fires off on all cylinders as the band wields a plethora of genres and influences. From the low tuned chugs of djent and speedy licks of death metal to the pulsating beats of nu metal and the hard hitting breakdowns of hardcore. It can all be found in Young Gods.  The sound is reminiscent of No Hope No Mortality and In Shadows but on a whole other level when it comes to the diversity in songs.  One minute Bury Your Corpses  is bouncing along on a structure of chugged riffs, palm muted grooves and slow neck wrenching beats. Then the next Their Souls Are Mine just drops some nu metal into the mix for the vocals to surf on top of. It gives parts the album a more classic deathcore vibe whilst others inject a little variety into the music keeping things fresh.

I couldn’t help but notice, Kneel bringing the vibes of the original DOOM game. A real hit of nostalgia with the intro dripping in the iconic sounds of At Doom’s Gate from the game’s opening level. Not to mention the blazing breakdown that ends the song. I’m glad I wasn’t sat near anything that was wieldable otherwise I may have put it straight through the wall. Not just going for the slow, down tempo breakdowns that you may find in similar bands. Martyr Defiled have blended these slow shattering breakdowns with beatdown influenced, karate kicking and even  more rhythmical two stepping stuff. A moshers delight. Young Gods gets a big old tick on the breakdown front. Just be careful you don’t smash anything, it is tempting trust me.

The vocals have improved so much from the already impressive lungs of Matthew Jones. A massive prowess of deeper more guttural lows cut against shrieking highs and the odd hardcore shout out are on show. Every style is just punched in at the right moment.  Pestillent Bastille is bordering on black metal in the vocal department as things get mixed up to fit the fast and thrashing instruments .  The brilliant guest spots of Konan Hall from MALEVIONCE and Pierre Pelbu of Knuckledust are two highlights of the album. The songs lay nearly slap bang in the middle of the album and bring yet more power and heaviness.

Finally I have to mention the dark atmosphere. It creeps in the background taking a back seat throughout the entire album. It lurks in the licks and bridges. Like a good horror movie the atmosphere is never thrust so far in your face that it isn’t special. Instead the it is hidden under the layers of head wrecking music. Martyr Defiled may not have give it much limelight but you’ll never let it go unnoticed.  The droning siren of Through Famine, War &Scorn plays only a minor part in the end breakdown but my god if it doesn’t add an offset, eeriness to the song.

Young Gods is heavier, darker and more of everything I love from bands of this calibre. The album is guaranteed  to keep old fans moshing and to drag an army of new ones kicking and screaming into the Martyr Defiled camp. Don’t fight it people, it is inevitable. You will fall in love with the 42 minutes of heavy mastery that is Young Gods.

Score: 9/10


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