EP Review: The Walls Will Fall by Terror

If you are into your hardcore you’re bound to have come across Terror at some point. With over ten years experience at hand the band has become a staple of anyone’s hardcore playlist. The Walls Will Fall is a hard, angry, yet short dose of what the band has to offer.

You’ll get plenty out of this short, under 10 minute EP if what you love is an all out mosh fest.  It is very old school, nothing new, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Why fix’s what’s not broken? From the two stepping beat of Balance the Odds to the angry as fuck No Love Lost to the thrashing Step To You. There is always an opportunity to bang your head, fail your arms and one man mosh your walls.  Just when you ready to kick off again, The Walls Will Fall is over…

That’s the downside, it is so compact and short. All songs fall under two minutes. All but one. I loved every second of the EP but once Step To You finished I was waiting for the next song to start. But it never came. I was left in silence, a short silence before quickly hitting replay.

The band has not wavered in their sound and approach to music. The EP is exactly what you would expect to hear from any Terror material. It is the hardcore of hardcore. If someone didn’t know what hardcore was, this EP would cover most of the basics. The Walls Will Fall is a little shot in the arm for any fan, even if the hit is short lived.

Score: 7/10


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