Album Review: Outsiders by Gnarwolves

Right album at the right time. With the sun heating up and the grey and cloudy days fading, Gnarwolves have decided to release the punk album to my summer.

You’ll get hooked almost immediately by the pop catchiness of Straightjacket and Car Crash Cinema with their instant hit choruses. The band clearly doesn’t give a fuck about people with degrees in music. Their plug in and play from the heart attitude shines through. The music is full of bounce and ear catching punk melodies.

The likes of Wires and English Kids riff their way through your head and you’ll be hard pressed to not move along with the music. If you are a fan of the music of the Pro Skater series then you’ll get plenty of enjoyment when The Comedown Song bounces on to the scene.

It is a simple album, nothing new or hard hitting. It’s Gnarwolves through and through. I did miss that old DIY sound of their earlier albums. Outsiders is definitely not clean cut and still carries that raw  tone that resembles a group of guys just rocking out in their garage. However there is a definitive step up in the production department.

By the time Shut Up rolls round you’ll have danced, grinned and bobbed your way through the 30 odd minutes of fantastically feel good music. Imagine that kick arse band that use to play your local pub or mates house party carried on making music after everyone went and got boring jobs. That’s the vibe here.

Gnarwolves may have just released my favourite punk/pop punk album of recent years. Outsiders is a big ol’ hit of the late 90’s/early 2000s. It’s like skate boarding and drinking cheap cider in the park but in music form. An album for past, present and future punk rockers. So grab some mates, chug a beer and give this album a spin.

Score: 7.5/10


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