Single Review: Run For Your Life by Doyle

Horrific hunk Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is back with his self named band. The Misfits guitarist and co come charging out of the darkness brandishing their horror influenced ‘monster’ metal.

The sheer tone created by Doyle is insane. A hybrid of Pantera  over drive and Misfits  mentality. The intro is reminiscent of the bands previous album. A creepy build up of guitars and drums that leads into a massive drum assaulting bridge. The main riff is a darkened barrage of thrash like palm mutes and progressions that leads into a catchy chorus. There is something so unclean about the music.  Mr Frankenstein lets loose a small squeal solo/bridge towards the end of the song. It maybe be short lived but it is damn impactful as it breaks up the verse and chorus riffs.

Alex “Wolfman” Story nails the vocals. His gruff rawness matches the slasher inspired lyrics perfectly.  The repetition of ‘run for your life’ will hammer its way into your skull till your singing along when chorus number two comes around.

Run For Your Life has only solidified my rampant hunger to sink my bloodied teeth into the bands next album. After missing out on the release of their debut album, Abominator, I can only wait in anticipation for the next horror fuelled offering on June 2nd.

Score 9/10


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