Album Review: Soul Structure by Higher Power

British hardcore is often forgotten about when it comes to the debate about the best scenes in the world. It must be hard to ignore it however with the likes Higher Power driving their blend of groove riddled NYHC straight onto the scene. The lads from Leeds have been streaming their latest album Soul Structure over on Metal Hammer ( ahead of its release this Friday.

If you love to mosh then you’ll love the opening gambit, I Can’t Relate. A song full of catchy breaks of speed and palm muted stops. Higher Power certainly grab your attention from the get go. There is amble opportunity to throw down throughout the album. Four Walls Black is groovy as all hell with its melodic flow but hard as hell two step sections. You’ll have your arms and legs failing in a matter of moments. Burning is an assault of leg stomping drums and neck wrenching guitar riffs. Then Embrace comes in to continue  the combo with a British take on NYHC. The songs fast paced nature and galloping guitar riff sound like they have come straight off the streets of New York.

The album isn’t all traditional balls to the wall hardcore, not by a long shot. Balance and Hole echo the 90s, bleeding in some alternative and grunge into the album. It creates a fascinating comparison of all out aggression alongside catchy harmonies and melodies. A hit of anger followed by an oddly soothing comedown if you will.

I’m loving the tone of the album. Higher Power have gone with that slightly unclean, raw DIY sound. Everything sounds like it has been ripped off a cassette tape. It drives home the entire album. Every guitar riff, drum beat and lyric sounds spot on and not bogged down by modern cleanliness and overproduction.

Soul Structure is something more than just pit inducing breakdowns. It shows that hardcore isn’t meant to follow a set of rules. The genre can be moulded into whatever Higher Power choose. If they want to drag some alternative 90s into the album, then they are gonna bloody do it. If they want to mix in melodies, then guess what? They are gonna bloody do it! The album is big on attitude and character. Soul Structure is yet another album to continue 2017s run of absolutely mind blowing releases.

Score 9/10


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