Album Review: As We Die by Doyle

Halloween has come early! Doyle have released their second album As We Die. The Misfits guitarist and his gang of monstrous musicians unleashed this horrifically horrible (you know in a good way) album that captures the feel of an 80s horror flick blended with nasty metal riffs and a punk attitude.

Riffs are thick and wicked, it is Doyle doing what he does best. Heavy down stroked riffs splattered with squeals and bridges. The main riff of Kiss Me As We Die maybe simple but contains so much flare with each lick leading you into head banging frenzy. In the latter half of the song you get a taste of haunting harmonies and the addition of a female backing vocalist. Sadly these don’t return in the album which is a damn shame as they are a great addition to further darken the band’s sound!

The thrashed out riffs of Beast Like Me and Dark Gods Arise later in the album are made more impactful by the sheer brilliance of the guitar tone. For me this is what sold me on Doyle on their debut and it is what sells this album to me. It is oozing in DIY ethics yet sounds so professional. It is raw yet clean cut so every note isn’t muddied with the next. Some serious Pantera-esque tones are felt and that is never a bad thing.

The groove metre has also been ramped up for As We Die. The album is cut with some serious head banging moments. God of Flies and Witchcraft keep the quick all out riffs in check by bringing in some bounce. But then King Of The Undead happens. A song ripe with nu-metal bop, thrash metal aggression and mosh ready riffs. Alex “Wolfman” Story tops his vocal performance off perfectly here. The intentionally sinister vocals  drips in 90s nostalgia. That creepy soft spoken vocal style vamps up the horror theme to new heights.  The guitar work is on form for most of the album aside from some of the solos. They feel a bit underwhelming. Blood On The Axe drops one from nowhere and takes you out of the song a little.

We Belong Dead brings in the ‘softer’ side of the band with its ballad like nature. I have to use quotation marks here because the song itself isn’t clean or calming but dark and noisy. It is very reminiscent of Dreamingdeadgirls off the bands previous album. A fantastic but eerie song. Like a gothic slow dance. A song worthy of serenading a grave stone with.

The drums are unleashed at every given opportunity. From the assault at the start of Run For Your Life to the steady beat of Virgin Sacrifice. However nothing can compare with the final song on the album. Night Of Sin is driven by some impeccable drumming. The rapid, galloping double bass work goes hand in hand with the guitars and vocals. It becomes the beating heart of the song keeping things constantly moving at a quick pace even when  the guitars have taken a step back to do some slower chord progression.

As We Die is a frightfully good ride. Doyle have managed to retain the same incredible feel and tone that made their debut album such a hit with me. If you are a fan of metal or horror films then I would highly recommend this album. Doyle is doing something familiar yet refreshing with their sound.  In a sea of new and innovative metal bands it is nice to see Doyle keeping things old school.

Score: 8/10


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