If deathcore is dead, then what is the next big thing?

Some maybe proclaiming the time of deathcore is at its end. The once wonder child of the heavy music scene, to some, has suffered a slow decline in followers. Ever since the infamous Suicide Silence self titled album people have begun lamenting the early days of the genre and decrying the its demise.

There is obviously going to be a levelling out at some point as is the case with most genres that hold the spotlight for too long. Hell, the likes of metalcore seem to have simply dissolved it’s influences into every metal sub-genre under the sun and faded into the back drop. Punk is another example, the match was struck early and it fizzled out quickly.

I for one do not consider deathcore dead or any genre for that matter. With bands like Fit For An Autopsy and Martyr Defiled releasing absolutely killer albums this year the genre isn’t like to simply dissipate into nothing. As long as there are bands flying the flag, a genre will never truly die as its influence echoes throughout time. But what’s next for the world of heavy music?

As some bands look forward, others are looking back. The resurgent’s of nu-metal in more recent years caught my attention. The influences of nu-metal has seeped through the cracks into a quite a few bands.  Parkway Drive had some serious nu-metal sounds on their last album Ire. Songs like Crushed and Dedicated oozed nu-metal groove and the spoken word styling’s of Writing on the Wall was so nostalgic of the early 00s. The reception that the album got from both fans and critics alike was insanely positive considering this was a big change from the bands previous sound.  Melodic hardcore/metalcore band POLAR. also took a slightly heavier approach to their latest album, No Cure, No Saviour. Vocalist Woody told rock sound that Lost Souls was Undoubtly the heaviest song we have ever written, its full on from start to finish. Its leans more towards nu-metal and are full of riffs and an apocalyptic ending’ (https://www.rocksound.tv/features/read/stream-track-by-track-polar-no-cure-no-saviour).

The popularity of The Serenity of Suffering by Korn proves that the genre still has a serious following. The album debuted at number 4 on the US Billboard 200 and was considered by many as a return to form for the band. The sheer number of sales proves the longevity of the genre and it’s possible re-emergence in the coming years. However it hasn’t all been thumbs up and praise for many trying to return to the 90s most popular sub-genre of metal. I couldn’t talk about the recent influence of nu-metal without mentioning the heavily scrutinized self-titled album by Suicide Silence. The album received a heavy backlash from fans and was critically mauled by many. The bands poor imitation of 90s nu-metal bands, mainly Deftones and the previously mentioned Korn, was the reason for so many people’s disdain for the album. But let’s not get further into that mess. Could we possibly see a rise in popularity for nu-metal?

Many bands have simply been taking things heavier and heavier. Gorier and gorier. Now it may be because I have only recently got into the whole slam metal scene, but I have definitely seen bands popping up left, right and centre carrying the slam banner. The likes of Ingested and Vulvodynia have gained a significant following since their formations. Before I go any further I must address the Slam Police who will most likely be scoffing with derision at the mention of the bands in relation to slam metal. Now you may consider these bands to be deathcore bands with heavy brutal slam influences but the fact still remains the same.  Someone who likes this style of band are more likely to go out and find similar bands to listen to. Thus slam metal gets a bigger and bigger as people research further into the influences of more modern slam bands.  I doubt it will explode into the mainstream arena as the fantastically gory lyrics and shit your pants heaviness of it all isn’t likely to gain any wide appeal. However I wouldn’t take it out of the equation as many, myself included, didn’t properly get into the genre till recently . Slam is certainly growing in popularity and I would love for it to spew its way into the mainstream metal arena.

This maybe me wishing or hoping but the hardcore scene has gained some spotlight in more recent years. Knocked Loose have gained some serious hype in the heavy scene. Not only hardcore fans but metal fans have been smitten by the boys form Oldham County. Code Orange are another band that have taken the scene by storm. Coming from nowhere with their latest album Forever to win over countless new fans. Hell that album even appeared on The Price Is Right. Careful world hardcore is creeping into the limelight! Now these bands are not 100% straight up hardcore. Their influences are varied from metal to alternative but that isn’t to say they aren’t hardcore at their core. However, this is probably just wishful thinking on my part. I yearn for the day you’ll switch on UK top 40 and see the likes of Guilt Trip tearing up the pop world.



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