Album Review: Wrong One To Fuck With by Dying Fetus

Better get ready to hide another album from your parents kids because Dying Fetus are back with the aggressively named album Wrong One To Fuck With. Things are about to reach a whole other level of brutality!

It may have been a whole five years since the bands last album was released but that half a decade hasn’t dampened their sound. From the get go long time fans will instantly know what’s up. Fixated on Devastation is a roller coaster ride of neck destroying riffs spliced together by frantic, out of control bursts of technically impressive licks. John Gallagher  shreds and squeals his way through each song with pin point accuracy. A testament to his skill and mastery over the fret board. The formula doesn’t really divert from here. You get  Reveling in the Abyss which goes from head banging , fist pumping build up to manic blast beats and assaulting guitars without a moment’s hesitation.  There are plenty of all out moshing opportunities with the likes of Ideological Subjugation bringing the slams down on the listener. These earth shattering , heavy, destructive little sections  maybe be short but can really bring the house down on your head.

Over all this face crushing music is the grumbled grunts of Mr Gallagher. His deep, guttural mumbles ride the flow of the riffs. The groove bounce of Weaken The Structure is taken up a gear by the barked and grunted vocals. Each lyric hits the snap neck breaks for maximum aggression and impact.

However the crème de la crème has to be the titular track. The intro is seeping in hardcore tempos and rhythms. Like a death metal two step! It changes up Dying Fetus’ sure fire formula a little. Like stepping outside the box only to lean back against it. Fresh yet familiar. This song is a pit erupting way to end a ten tonne album.  

Wrong One To Fuck With is nearly an hour of sporadic, vicious death metal. Dying Fetus haven’t messed around with this album. They have kept their blend of brutal slamming death metal cut tight against technical onslaughts to make a reliable and solid album. You’ll never be too far away from a full on windmill with this album.

Score: 7/10


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