Album Review: Slime and Punishment by Municipal Waste

Do you miss the 80s? Do you lament the old school ways of thrash metal? Then I suggest checking out Municipal Waste. Five years after their latest release the crossover thrash heavy weights have partied their way back onto the scene with the new album Slime and Punishment.

The album is all out, all the time. There is no time to take a  breather or grab a break. From the get go of Breathe Grease to Think Fast, it’s just riffs, grooves, sing along choruses and a whole lot of headbanging. Each song pulsate with the heartbeat of a cokehead. Enjoy The Night is less than a minute long but manages to fit in more heart and soul than many twelve minute sweeping epics. It is about the party with Municipal Waste and I’m okay with that. The likes Shrednecks and Bourbon Discipline are perfect for a beer session with your mates. Incredibly catchy lyrics will give you plenty of chances to jump in on vocals and addictive instrumental work provides that perfect platform to air guitar the night away.

This isn’t to say the album should only serve as your soundtrack to a drunk evening. Slime and Punishment is seeping in musical prowess. The titular track is a masterpiece of crossover trash. Combining palm muted thrash like riffs with a hardcore groove and killer gang vocals maybe nothing new but who really cares? When it still works at getting the old head windmilling then I don’t see the need to needlessly innovate and shake up the formula.

Blink and you may miss it. Slime and Punishment comes in at under half an hour but that’s not a bad thing. Every song is concise and to the point. Municipal Waste know exactly what they want to do and that’s to get you feeling like mutant thrash animal. Frantically lashing your head back and forward and shredding that imaginary guitar. Nothing unnecessary is added. Just handfuls of thrashed out riffs, hardcore gang vocals and pretention free musicianship.

Score 8/10


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