Single Review: Goodnight Alt-Right by Stray From The Path

No change here, just Stray From The Path doing what Stray From The Path do best. Goodnight Alt-Right is the first single off their up-coming album Only Death Is Real and oh boy have some people been upset by it. Let’s talk about the music first before we dive into the lyrical content and themes.

Like I said the song doesn’t really differ from the bands previous music. Essentially boiling down to Rage Against The Machine influenced, bouncy hardcore, something fans of the band have heard plenty of. A catchy chorus cut against a groovy chugged verse maybe simplistic but damn if it isn’t highly addictive. Of course there is a heavy as hell breakdown included to break up the standard structure. The tension builds and builds until an eruption of beating drums and offset guitar chords takes over allowing listeners to unleash all hell.

Lyrically the song is extremely political charged. I mean Stray From The Path have always put their views about political/social issues across but it has never been spat with such rage and scorn. The repetition of ‘you just got knocked the fuck out’ and ‘If you preach hate, then expect hate’ show the band aren’t fucking around anymore. Arguments have been made that the band is promoting violence against those with right leaning agendas or people who don’t share the same opinion as them. A concern I somewhat agree with as the debate around using hate to stop hate comes up time and time again. Stray From The Path have been subsequently labelled ‘Triggercore’ or SJW metal by those who aren’t exactly fans of the content but do  you really expect anything different by now.

There is definitely credit to be given for the Dead Kennedy ‘Nazi punks fuck off!’ pre breakdown shout out. A nice little nod to one of the pioneering anti-racist hardcore punk bands. It brought a little smirk to my face.

Goodnight Alt-Right is your typical Stray From The Path material. If you are a fan of the bands previous album Subliminal Criminals or single The House Always Wins then you are going to love this. It is very politically charged music, so much so that it may put people off. Hell just check out the ratio of likes to dislikes over on Youtube, there are clearly people who aren’t happy. With songs like this the band are set to become one of the most controversial bands on the market, for better or for worse.

Score: 8/10


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