Album Review: Heatwave By Trapped Under Ice

I’ve waited six years for this. Six years without any new Trapped Under Ice material is a long time when you rate the band so highly. Heatwave is the bands third album after their reunion back in 2015 and I for one couldn’t wait to let it tear up my speakers.

Heatwave feels familiar right off the bat. The riffs are relentless and crunchy. From Backstabbed to Move it is all 100% vicious hardcore. The speed matches the short song lengths. Each track is ignited then snuffed out avoiding any unnecessary breaks. Don’t worry there is still plenty of melodic bridges, blazing guitar outbursts and rage building breakdowns so listeners don’t feel short changed.

The likes of No Relief allow the vocals to riff off the drums before reintroducing the guitar and bass for a deep assault of everything the bands got behind it. The titular track shows what Trapped Under Ice are gunning for. It leans more towards an aggressive punk sound sliced against some bassy bridges before ending in a pit inducing breakdown.

Tone is another major player in the bands onslaught. It is overflowing with a DIY punk attitude. Raw and unhinged. Trapped Under Ice have maintained that group of pissed off guys recording in their bedroom vibe that made Secrets Of The World and Big Kiss Goodnight stick with me long after the albums were released.

Trapped Under Ice know how to produce some seriously good hardcore. Heatwave is yet another example of the bands commitment to substance over length. The album comes in just under 14 minutes but crams so much in that you’ll be left breathless and ready to give the LP another spin.

Score: 7.5/10


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