Album Review: Infinite Punishment by Get The Shot

Oh no… It’s time to remove everything from your room, warn your neighbours and create a designated  moshing zone cos Get The Shot are back. The Canadian hardcore/thrash outfit decided to stream their latest album Infinite Punishment over on Metal Injection ( ahead of its release this Friday and it’s absolutely crushing!

From the moment the album opens you know this is going to be heavy. Infinite Punishment is crammed with so much groove, thrash and hardcore that it is hard not to smash up everything within reach. The eerie sounds of dragging chains and eruption of heavy chugged guitars of the opening track, Purgation, are all you need to get destructive and it only gets better from there.

Every song is a force to be reckoned with. Pounding drum beats, assaulting guitars and raw vocals.  The riffs of Waging Death and Evil Rites are infected with a groove riddled bounce and neck snapping bridges. One thing Get The Shot do right time and time again are their breakdowns. If you are in the mood for a good old mosh you can pick any song of the album and find a shattering breakdown of epic portions. Each breakdown is nasty as hell and littered with creative fills and licks that have become a calling card for the band.

Like their previous album, No Peace In Hell¸ Get The Shot aren’t afraid to let the thrash like leads take control. There are plenty of dive bombing whammies, squeals and pinches in the likes of Faith Reaper to keep the chugs from becoming stale. It is reminiscent of early thrash metal. The fast palm muted riffs that tear up the album in between the heavy doses of hardcore go along way. The gruff, elongated vocal bridges on Hellbringer just ooze old school Hetfield. You know minus the whole ‘yeah’ obsession.

If you still aren’t impressed just go listen to the first single Blackened Sun. This song alone got me frothing at the mouth. It gallops onto the scene with two step ravaged riffs and break neck stomps. Then fellow hardcore star Jesse Barentt of Stick To Your Guns turns up to spit some lyrics, riding on the instruments in his classic style. It is the culmination of some of my favourite traits that the band has developed.

Get The Shot have nailed this album. It is everything you need from  heavy music. Neck wrenching riffs, ground stomping breakdowns, scorn filled vocals and some truly shred worthy solos.  If you are a fan of thrash, hardcore and body destroying riffs then I can think of no better album than Infinite Punishment.

Score: 8.5/10


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