Album Review: Outsider by Comeback Kid

Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid have been a staple in the scene for many years. Ever since their breakout album, Wake The Dead, the bands popularity seems to have risen with every new release. Now in 2017 it’s time to add yet another album to the mound of great material that forms Comeback Kid and their discography.

So, what can you expect from the band’s latest album, Outsider? Well it’s Comeback Kid so get ready for some huge choruses, melodic breaks, pulsating riffs and aggressive breakdowns. There is plenty to throw down to with the likes of the titular track and Absolute. The hardcore elements are ramped up to the one hundred for maximum mosh. The breakdown in Outrage is absolutely huge. An addictive chain of chugs and slides to get you pump for the pit.

Like most Comeback Kid music there is plenty of melodic choruses to quench your thirst for a good sing along. However, there is a more anthem like nature especially in the songs Surrender Control and Somewhere, Somehow.  Yes, those previously discussed elements are still present but there is an undeniable catchiness to them. The choruses erupt out of the chugs to open the songs into chants that stick with you long after the album has run its course. These songs alone could easily get a stadium of fans singing along.

There are plenty of break out songs that keep things fresh and keep the aggression from overpowering the album. The balance of the album is on point. Comeback Kid have stuck their fingers into the realm of punk with Blindspot and even pop-punk with Recover. It isn’t all out mosh for 36 minutes straight. Instead you get the odd track that shakes up the formula.

Comeback Kid have always been earnest when producing quality music. They have never turned their backs on their roots and Outsider proves it. Even when blending in songs that pull from different genres you’ll still find everything you love about the band lurking within.

Score 8/10   


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