Album Review: True View by Stick To Your Guns

Expectations are high for Stick To Your Guns latest album True View. After an incredible couple of years touring with some of the most prominent bands in the scene and the release of the mind blowing Better Ash Than Dust EP, Stick To Your Guns have set a insanely high standard for future releases. It is clear this album has a lot to live up to

Right off the bat you can tell this is Stick To Your Guns doing what Stick To Your Guns do best. After the motherly pep talk in 3 Feet From Peace the instantly recognisable sound of the band barges in. A cascade of heavy riffs, breakdowns and big open choruses awaits. The first two singles released The Sun, The Moon, The Truth: “Penance of Self” and Married to the Noise carry that signature Stick To Your Guns sound. The flawless mix of aggression and melody. Cave Canem and You Are Free fly the hardcore flag high with their heavy chugs and havoc wreaking breakdowns.

Jesse Barnett’s vocals are the biggest driving force of the album. His range from heavy shouts to raw cleans keeps a lot of the songs together later in the album. Doomed By You and Owed Nothing ride the melodic hardcore line perfectly. Going from pit to anthem driven like it was nothing.

There is a slight fragmented vibe to the album though. 56 has the winds completely ripped from its sails. It is a lull that takes you away from the driving force of the album. The softer 90s rock feeling just doesn’t hit the spot. Songs like this and The Inner Authority: ‘Realization of Self” aren’t awful songs they just aren’t the same calibre as the rest of True View.

True View is such a Stick To Your Guns album that it is hard to fault it. The bands iconic sound is solid. It may have missed the mark a few times and falters a tad, especially after Better Ash Than Dust last year. However, any fans of Stick To Your Guns are going to enjoy this album and that’s all that matters in the end.

Score: 7/10


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