Album Review: The Sacrament of Sin by Powerwolf

German power metal band, Powerwolf, might not need an introduction for those well versed in the bands previous six albums. Newbies (like myself) though, whose first exposure to the band is their latest seventh album, are about to be sent on one hell of a journey.    

The Sacrament of Sin is dark, gothic and very, very stylish. Opening with the two leading singles, Fire & Forgive and Demons Are A Girls Best Friend, gives an excellent contrast. The almost operatic nature of Fire & Forgive comes at listeners galloping along driven riffs and bold as brass vocals. The ‘satirical’ religious keys gives the song a melody that keeps the music fresh. Then Demons Are A Girls Best Friend brings in a more pop like beat. It is certainly less power metal but, damn, is it catchy as sin. The rhythms will bring out the head bopping as the melodic vocals draw out the full-on dancing during the chorus.

One of the highlights has to be Incense & Iron which takes a leafy out of the Sabaton book on writing a power metal song. It has a marching beat that drives the song and simple guitar chugs that keep Attila’s vocals as the main focus before the chanting chorus. It is a chorus that well stick with you nearly every day of your life. Snappy lyrics and group vocals make it impossible not to raise your horns and sing along. Incense & Iron leads on to a bloody good attempt at a ballad. The sombre piano and melodies of Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone allow for Attila to really let loose on the vocals. It is a huge sounding song but then again, most of this album sounds huge!

Headbangers will be happy with Nightside of Siberia which contains the albums ‘heaviest’ riff. A riff that sounds dark and brooding. It makes a nice counter to the more traditional power metal riffs. As the albums end draws near first timers are given a glimpse of a ‘classic’ Powerwolf song. Nighttime Rebel gives way for a vampirical piano intro before letting the guitars solo off against each over. Once again that marching drive returns for the chorus to maintain that fist pumping attitude of the album.

I feel sorry for my neighbours. I couldn’t help but ramp up the volume for this one. There aren’t many words to describe The Sacrament of Sin other than epic. Each song is a sweeping sensation that will ignite the hearts of new comers and long-time fans alike. Powerwolf have certainly gained a new fan with this album, now if you’d excuse me I have another six Powerwolf albums to blast out.

Score: 8/10


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