What Heavy Music Genre Is Your Warcraft Class?

For those who don’t know I love WoW, or World of Warcraft for those with stable social lives. Blizzard’s world famous MMO has taken so many hours of my life that most people spend chasing girls, partying and socialising. Instead, I was exploring the world of Azeroth. Raiding, grinding (not the dancing kind) and levelling countless characters in what some may mistake for a waste of time. With the release of Battle For Azeroth next month I thought what better time to celebrate the beloved game.

Levelling late last night with music blaring I got thinking about music genres and classes. I thought why not create a list of every WoW class and the respective music genre? So that’s what I’ve done! Here are the genres of heavy music that best represent each class in WoW. Oh yeah, we’re about to hit a whole new level of nerdy…    

Death Knight – Death Metal

An obvious pairing, I mean the brandishing of ‘death’ in both titles made this choice a pretty obvious and redundant one… but screw it lets talk about it anyway. Death Knights are just the embodiment of death metal! Abilities that sound like song titles ripped straight from a family friendly stereotypical fictitious “death metal” band that would be playing on a T.V show for a few cheap laughs. With the likes Death Strike, Obliterate, Festering Strike and Control Undead it is easy to see why these two go hand in hand. If you’re ever on the lookout for a quality death or even slam metal band name just summon up a ghoul or abomination and you’ll sure to find a grotesque, gore riddled name for your band.

Demon Hunter – Deathcore / Metalcore

Edgelords of the world unite. Deathcore and metalcore are arguably the latest genres to join the world of metal. Similarly, demon hunters are the latest class to join the World of Warcraft universe (game wise not lore wise of course). Like deathcore and metalcore, demon hunters have legions of teenage fans using the appeal of demonic vengeance to satisfy their deep desire to be as edgy as possible. Just like the late 2000s which faced the sudden and overwhelming flood of generic ‘me to’ deathcore and metalcore bands, the realm of Azeroth has been overrunning with these double jumping piss squealers who think playing a Demon Hunter makes them cooler. A class and music genre that is, admittedly, awesome but has become diluted and saturated with countless me to players and bands. Oh, and just like ripping off better and more established deathcore or metalcore bands, ripping off the most famous demon hunter, Illidan, doesn’t make you instantly good at the game… god damn “Illidon’, you ain’t fooling anyone!

Druid – Folk / Pagan Metal

With a focus on nature to hone their spells and magic and the ability to transform into animals. Druids are so folk that if they were an item of clothing they’d be a patterned knitted jumper. But seeing as this is ‘what HEAVY music genre is your Warcraft class?’ then I guess we will settle for Folk metal. Then we have the introduced of the Kul Tiran druid forms. The wicker woven flesh and ram skull like faces make for a very pagan vibe. You could imagine the druids of warcraft meeting around the trees and blasting out some Finntroll, Ensiferum or Moonsorrow. 

Hunter – Rap Metal

This is a comparison made on attitudes rather than musical styling. Growing up in the 90s and 00s rap metal was everywhere. It was so popular. Yet, somehow, rap metal drew so much hatred from most corners of the musical world. Everyone makes fun of hunters. Everyone I know, who plays WoW, hates hunters but there are so many that populate my realm as mains or alt. There can’t be this many people both hating and playing this class. The stats just don’t add up, it’s simply impossible. Is it like Limp Bizkit? Everyone listening to them ironically, but secretly loving it. Who are these people ironically playing ‘easy mode’ hunters? My mains a hunter, and has been since vanilla, and still don’t understand the hate. They’re fun to play. Just like how rap metal is fun to listen to, for most people. Personal taste aside.

Mage – Prog Metal

Does your band play in 5/4, 7/8 or 9/8? Do you spend hours researching music theory to write the most complex, unfathomable music to confuse all those with the simplest of musical ears? Like prog musicians, mages spend their days study the arcane arts. Perfecting the use of fire, frost or arcane. The mages in Warcraft maybe your stereotypical wizards or sorcerers but let’s face it, every fantasy RPG has to have them, right? In more recent expansion the class has gotten a fair overhaul with your action bar flashing up to indicate what spell to use and when, turning my entire playtime into a number-based game of guitar hero. Just learning to hit the flashing buttons as they come. But back in vanilla. It was a class that took the time to master. Like prog metal, pre-expansion mages were the class of off-time spell casting, weird button combos and suffered from the release of every glitchy patch.

Monk – Hardcore

I know what you guys are thinking… monk and hardcore don’t go well together. Like not even in the slightest. One uses harmony and balance the other uses raw aggression. What are you playing at Sam? This doesn’t make any sense? This is stupid. Are you that stupid? I hate you and your blog for this poor decision… But I say woah… Slow down my friend. Let me paint a picture for you. You’re at a local hardcore show. The opening band has just hit their stride and has unleashed a huuuuuuumongous breakdown. Glancing at the pit you see kids left, right and centre swinging their fist, spin kicking and flailing their arms like martial arts masters (well in their heads). Now, how do monks fight… That’s right martial arts just how the hardcore kids like to throw down in the pit. There. See the connection now… I not stretching it for this one… It’s Just a shame one monk spec is called Brewmaster… A spec that uses liquid fortification, i.e. getting drunk, to avoid damage… sorry straight edge folk you’ll have to find another class to represent you.

Paladin – Power Metal

You are the knight in shining armour. Wielding your mighty sword or mace to bring down holy judgement on your foes. The paladin is a heroic figure of power metal portions. The stereotypical paladin is valiant warrior with luscious locks of golden blonde hair. Riding into the darkness to slay the undead, demons and dragons just like the heroes from a classic power metal ballad.  Just imagine charging head long into battle with weapon in hand. Then imagine what music would be cheesiest to play over this scenario. Is it a shredding guitar solo of mythical proportions? You bet your mace it is!

Priest – Christian Rock

Well Duh… Holy and Discipline priest use the power of the holy light to shield and heal their allies in battle. Just like some overly zealous Christian rock/metal bands who pause mid show to give a huge 30-minute speech on how they found God and his light has shown them the way… Priest use power words to protect their allies and guide them through the very difficult times raiding in mythic +. Unless your shadow speced. Then its totally doom metal. Dooming it up big time, using the shadowy void to pull up Lovecraftian-esque horrors to curse and dominate their enemies. I do enjoy a good shadowy, cultist priest.

Rogue – Punk Rock

Outcasts that play it fast and loose. During the early 70s there was a genre of music that seethed in the underbellies of the world. Whilst the metal and rock community were singing about lands far from the realities of the time, punk was sneaking onto the music scene much like the crafty rogue. Rogues stealth across the battlefield, lurking behind enemy lines, waiting to camp objectives at the opportune moment. Then bam! Out of nowhere, your enemies are taking shots to the kidneys, eyes and getting the general all over assault that rogues bring with them before returning once more to the shadows. When punk rock finally emerged to the mainstream it instantly gauged out a huge chunk of the music scene before sulking off back into the dark. With this being said it is easy to draw parallels between rogues and punk rock.

Shaman – Stoner Metal

I wish at this point I was just covering all musical bases because you know, Shammys equal 70s disco… Earth, Wind and Fire covers most of the shaman’s elemental powers. However, rules are rules (rules I did set myself but hey ho). Instead I opted for stoner metal. Shamans utilise various incense and totems to get themselves high off their bonces… I mean… to be able to commune with the primal forces of earth, air, fire and water. Blizzard couldn’t have made it more obvious that the shaman class is built for the stoner comparison. The mid to slow tempo of stoner metal is similar to the primitive, tamed style of the shaman but like the force of the elements, it can still be destructive.

Warlock – Black Metal

The trve kvlt class. If you are up for summoning some demons. Incinerating the masses. Hailing shadow bolts at your foes. Then Warlocks are for you. Harnessing the powers of the demonic realm has made them the most untrusted class in the lore of Warcraft mirroring the demonising of black metal artists in the media back in the 90s. Yes, some bands literally burned churches to the ground and killed fellow band members but most just want to make music that their fans will enjoy. Hell, even some artist like Abbath seem to have a light-hearted nature about them like a few warlock NPCs in the warcraft universe.

Warrior – Heavy Metal

The classic of the classic. The originals of originals. Warrior is your archetypical melee class. No RPG would be complete without them. Yeah, rogues and mages often make up the three ‘classic’ classes but they can sometimes be called thief, assassin, sorcerer, wizard, magician etc. However, the warrior is always the warrior. Heavy metal was the big brazen leap for heavy music. Kick starting a legacy that has spanned years! Like the warrior. A burly combat master, adorned in plate, wielding huge swords and charging head long into the battle. It is about as metal as you can get.

There are so many genres of music out there but for the benefit of this list, I have stuck to just the ‘heavy’ ones. Some more common genres do fit certain classes better but for the enjoyment of myself (and readers) I opted to stick with the mentality of this very blog. Everything Heavy!


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