Single Review: This Is Crossover by Rise Of The Northstar

“NORTHSTAR FOR EVER”. This Is Crossover is the second, very loud, peek at Rise Of The Northstar’s long awaited second album, The Legacy Of Shi.

Straight out of the gate you’re smacked with a pulse pounding riff that ignites This Is Crossover. Sparking an impressive solo to shine a light on the sheer weight of musicianship that often gets lost in all the moshing. If you have heard any Rise Of The Northstar before then you should know what is coming your way.

After the solo the simple yet effective main riff kicks in. Sorry kicks you in. Its stomping bounce provides the perfect platform for Vithia to lay down some of his iconic vocal stylings. This bounce also allows the drums and bass to take over in the second verse to draw in more of the bands 90s hip-hop and rap influences. I mean what’s not to love? A heavy riff, teeth gritting drumming and nods to “manga mania”.

The chorus is once again very gang driven. Gang vocal driven that is. Utilising a simple chant of “this is crossover, Northstar for ever” creates a truly fist raising, revolution starting vibe. It is all backed up by a neck breaking, chug heavy riff. This is one of the thing Rise Of The Northstar do so well. Creating simple yet earth shattering music.

This Is Crossover and Here Comes The Boom have sky rocketed my hype for the Rise Of The Northstar’s next album. The bands signature sound is unflinching in the face of a changing soundscape within the world of heavy music. The crushing riffs, searing solo, rap like bounce and pounding chorus generates some serious album of the year music. 2018 has been one hell of year for music and Rise Of The Northstar are preparing to put their furyo stamp straight across it.

Score: 8.5/10


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