Album Review: TerrorVision by Aborted

Prepare to grind as industry veterans, Aborted, are coming into town with their latest album, TerrorVision. The band’s tenth album comes two years after the bloody good Retrogore album, pushing the splattered boundaries of the band’s previous material.    

Opening a death metal album with a solemn, melancholic intro is a risky move but Lasciate Ogne Speranza certainly creates a whole lot of tension. The edge of your seat will be on the brink of destruction until the titular track comes crashing through the ceiling. This track is full of that speed and aggression Aborted is known for. Blending the realms of death metal and grindcore for maximum destruction that made them one of the pioneers of brutal death metal. There is so much riffing in this album that it is hard to keep track of the assaults that pummel down on your ears. One minute its going at a thousand miles an hour riding that grind train next, you’ll be carving a big old pentagram on the floor when the cries of black metal flow out then finally tattooing your neck when the beefy slammy chugs arrive. Farewell To The Flesh is a little overwhelm because of this. It has got the tempo of a car crash that beats your neck into the abyss. The drums keep a blast beat drive going but the guitars trem up and chug down with little remorse.

But it doesn’t take long for Aborted to reel you back in. Vespertine Decay walks a fine line between explosive death metal riffing, galloping through fields of skulls and blood drenched black metal. It brings with it an atmosphere that I was not expecting. It trades in some of the more grindcore elements for some darkened shreds, solos and melodies. These sections really open up the album to show how the band has progressed over the past two decades. They are more controlled and melodic but drench the album in a thick black atmosphere.

Songs like Deep Red and A Whore D’oeuvre Macabre are a big old melting pot of human heads, entrails, spines along with old and new school death metal traits. Bringing classic 90s riffing and colliding them with some scornful slams and brutality. The drums, vocals and guitars gel so well here diving the album further into the depths of epic. When The Final Absolution came to finish the album off I thought it came full circle. Ending the album in a creepy 80s sic-fi horror outro but then the riffs kicked in… Sorry kicked me… right in the teeth. This song is groovy but so so so aggressive that you may need to be seated on a toilet for fear of that your bowels will evacuate themselves. The guitar work is rapid and yet so precise with a killer solo. The drumming comes out the gate with rhythmical carnage and the vocals swing in with raspy harshness, shrill cries and shuddering gutturals.

TerrorVision may lack some of the grindy aggression from the bands early work but those sinister melodies more than make up for it. This is truly a piece of gory carnage that drips in dark maturity. Aborted have evolved with the times to show you that they still know how rip off your head and tear out your innards with this belly churning album.

Score: 8/10


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